Weekend Sun column

Friday, April 1, 2016

Last Thursday I spoke at the Tauranga Chamber of Commerce Business Leaders’ Luncheon with Mayor Stuart Crosby and Priority One Chair Brett Hewlett. One of the topics of interest was infrastructure and how we have to ensure that we are prepared for the future and our growing population and economy.

Since being elected in 2008, the National-led Government has committed billions of dollars for infrastructure. This is part of our wider programme to build a more competitive and productive economy that supports jobs.

Tauranga especially has benefitted from this investment, with the Tauranga Eastern Link being the most obvious example. Enabling works have also begun on the Bayfair to Baypark project, which will further relieve congestion on our roads and lead to greater productivity and efficiency.

Earlier this month Communications Minister Amy Adams announced that the rollout of Ultra-Fast Broadband had completed in Tauranga. All 39 schools are now able to connect to fibre internet, as well as businesses and households, and Tauranga has one of the highest uptakes of fibre in the country.

Quality infrastructure helps give businesses confidence to invest another dollar and employ another person. Our investment in infrastructure continues to build a strong platform for growth. A more competitive and productive economy is the only way we will create jobs, boost incomes, and provide the high-quality public services you and your family expect.

As your local Member of Parliament, I remain committed to ensuring that Tauranga has the infrastructure it needs to continue to grow in the future.