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The summer holidays went by in a flash.  After getting over the excitement of our new baby and Christmas the Bridges household settled in on some valuable relaxing family time.  The boys and I climbed the Mt.  It’s great that they are old enough to do this without being carried. 


I have also given the BBQ a thrashing. Mayor, Greg Brownless and I did our best at the New Year’s Eve BBQ.  There were no burnt offerings so that was a win for us and the people who had to eat them.

As many of you may be aware there was sad news earlier this month with the passing of former MP and City Councillor, Gail McIntosh.  More recently Gail was a huge support to me on the last four election campaigns.  I will miss her straight shooting attitude and sense of humour.  Our thoughts are with her family.

Natalie and I took the boys on a road trip to Wellington and stopped by Parliament.  You can see them sitting here in my and Hon Amy Adams’ seats.  Perhaps this is a sign of things to come?


The political year is underway and it’s shaping up to be a memorable one.  Already the Government has indicated that it can’t reach its billion tree promise. 

It’s also reviewing a number of significant roading projects that National had planned.  Two are in our region, Tauranga Northern Link and the extension of the Waikato Expressway from Cambridge to the foot of the Kaimai’s.  These roads are critical for traveller’s safety and business growth and transportation. It’s not acceptable to ditch these roads and National has launched a series of petitions aimed at saving them and other highways around the country.  You can help me by signing the petitions.  To do this visit my website or catch up with me at the Red Square on Friday 2nd February from 2.30pm. 

Rest assured that National will be fighting for anything we believe the Government is making a bad call on.  I can already see that one of the battlegrounds will be Labour’s Industrial Reforms and what impact they will have on businesses.  I’ll keep you posted.

Photo tag lines   Emlyn at the top of the Mt, Mayor Brownless and I blitzing the BBQ,

The boys at Parliament, Hon David Bennett and I at the top of the Kaimai Range

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