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Bridges Brief March 2018

It has been a crazy, fantastic few weeks.  As you will know, I was elected as the new Leader of the National Party.  The race was respectful and even friendly...

Bridges Brief Jan 2018

The summer holidays went by in a flash.  After getting over the excitement of our new baby and Christmas the Bridges household settled in on some valuable relaxing family time. ...

Bridges Brief: April 2017

The lead up to Easter has been particularly busy in and around the electorate. I’ve really enjoyed catching up with more of you at various events in this past month.

Bridges Brief: March 2017

This year continues to be extremely busy, with a lot going on throughout the Tauranga electorate. I have attended a multitude of events and had the pleasure of meeting more...

Bridges Brief: February 2017

I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather we’ve been getting this month. It has been a very busy month around the country and in the electorate. Click here to...